Summer Tomato Dish

I almost plant my garden around this dish and my delicious homemade salsa! This is highly requested at potluck summer gatherings and thankfully simple to make.

Tomato Basil Salad


Extra virgin olive oil

1-2 FRESH garlic cloves, minced

FRESH basil

Sea Salt

Pepper (I sometimes use 1 drop of Young Living Essential Oil.)

Black Olives, sliced or cut in half with a few left whole.

Let sit/marinate in the bowl 1+ hours so the oil picks up the flavor. Drizzle over the tomatoes, let marinate at least 1 hr. Enjoy!

For those who can tolerate it, add Feta cheese, sprinkled over the top. A little goes a long way!

IF, and I mean IF you have left overs, blend and add to spaghetti sauce or add in an omelet the next morning. "Ridiculously delicious" as my teenage son said!

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