Ginger Detox Bath

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Ancient Chinese medicine has relied on ginger for many uses over the years. It's a delicious spice, but did you know it can help with inflammation and detoxing too?

I've used this recipe to help support my family during times of illness, stress, aches and pains and when it's just down right COLD for more than 25 years. I always keep a batch on hand so its ready when needed!



  • 1/4 cups Powdered/Ground Ginger

  • 1/4 cup Baking Soda

  • 2 Cups Epsom Salts

Soak 20-30 Minutes

Submerge as much of your torso as possible. Wash well and rinse afterwards. Drink plenty of water during and after to remain hydrated. The ginger bath may make you sweat heavily for a short while afterwards.

Ginger Detox bath is helpful for soothing achy muscles, arthritic joints, and helps with blood flow which is helpful at relieving painful cramping during women's menstrual cycles.

“More recipes coming soon....

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