Living Gluten-free

Gluten intolerance can have numerous symptoms. It's important to understand that many auto-immune disorders have very similar symptoms which can make diagnosis tricky.

Working with your physician to become properly diagnosed is important. However, for some testing isn't an option due to high deductibles or in many cases testing just turns out negative.

Many of my clients who have been property diagnosed or not, report many of the same symptoms after they've eaten "breads or pasta". For the unpleasant symptoms listed below, they choose to avoid foods, beverages and mediations that contain gluten.

Main offenders are;

* Barley

* Brewer's yeast

* Malt

* Rye

* Wheat

* Oats (Unless specifically labeled gluten-free because cross contamination

is abundant!)

The FDA has implemented labeling guidelines, but they do not pertain to medications yet. For more information, please visit the Food & Drug Administration website for full details.

Symptoms often include; lack of energy, bloating, gastrointestinal distress; diarrhea, constipation, pain, bloating, or headaches, skin disruptions, joint aches or pains, brain fog and even depressions or what I call the "Negative Nellies" - generally an abundance of unusually negative thoughts about anything and everything for really not good reason at all.

If you've experienced these symptoms it can be frustrating since trying to avoid gluten can be challenging since there is a learning curve can be steep for some, and temptations are many for most of us!

Becoming an ingredient detective and advocate for yourself or loved one experiencing symptoms is job you'll want to become really good at.

The sooner you can clean the plate and avoid cross contamination, removing all gluten exposure, the sooner you will begin to feel well again. Most would agree that at a certain point, its hard to look at a food the same way when you associate it with the above symptoms. When your mind shifts, your actions will follow.

If you need further guidance on foods to avoid, testing information and support, I can help. However, I will always suggest that you also connect with groups that specialize in your disorder and of course consult your physician.

The Celiac Disease Foundation at, is an excellent place to start which can offer you many tips, tricks for living a gluten-free life.

One helpful tip found here is their new app called Celiac Marketplace, which is an app for Androids or Apple which I've found to be quite helpful!

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