Diagnosis: Alpha-gal Allergy Syndrome Patient: Is that a food allergy or a Super Hero assignment?

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

It sounds like my apron should be bright red and worn backwards with a bright yellow super hero logo doesn't it? Unfortunately, my super power is my body's new ability to detect trace amounts of mammal - you know, cow, pig, lamb, venison, rabbit etc. Or, maybe I should say, my Kryptonite is detecting anything mammal derived?

Learning how to live an "Alpha-gal safe" life is a challenge with often dire consequences. Most of us diagnosed would tell you after about a year or two that we should qualify as a Super Hero because it takes that kind of strength to deal with this 24/7/365.

Unfortunately, there isn't much support in the current medical model, for patients diagnosed. Physicians receive very limited nutritional training and even Dietitians and Nutritionist who receive extensive nutritional training don't have the what is needed to immediately support a person with the Alpha-gal Allergy Syndrome.

I may not have all the answers, for every food related condition, diet trend or ailment, but I'm curious, supportive and will fight to help you find answers.

I am passionate about helping individuals find their way to a reaction free state. But what I'm equally passionate about is their peace of mind. The transition can be brutal!

Saying goodbye to things such as;

~ family traditions

~ favorite comfort foods

~ a job

~ a hobby such as painting or hunting

~ outings with friends (ie. bar & grill or your monthly gathering at the Outback!)

~ your favorite salon

~ your preferred make-up or body care

~ your life long physician who refuses to acknowledge your symptoms really stem from all these bizarre and minute ingredients - even though when you avoid them, you no longer react, but the second you ingest or apply on your body, you get hives, can't breath, swell up and/or go anaphylactic.

Explaining that you are not a vegan, and that you can eat fish and poultry still is fine, but when you have to explain, basic elementary science every day, or when ever you want to eat out like a "normal person" or to your family or friend you've told "eight thousand times!" - you might understand a person loosing it sometimes.

Here is a typical trancation;

Waitress/Friend/Family - So you can't eat meat? So, you are a vegan now? Wow! I'd die if that happened to me.

Me: No. I am not vegan. And, I hate to say this in front of my kids and yours, but.... I actually could die if I eat it "red meat" now. Actually, you could to if you are bitten by this tick. You may have already been and don't even know it which is quite common among many of us diagnosed with Alpha-gal. (This usually captures their attention and the wheels being to turn. This is where I settle in for about a 15 minute Q&A which I could almost play verbatim.)

Waitress/Friend/Family - Wait! So you can have eggs? Aren't they considered dairy?

Me: No. Eggs come from chickens. The confusion lies in the fact that eggs are often found in the dairy section at the grocery store. But, they are from a chicken and therefore poultry and safe for me. (What I don't elaborate on is the fact that its a high histamine food which I often have to eliminate for a while, to calm my body down. I know the limits of my audiences understanding. I mean... they just asked me if an egg is dairy!)

I could go on, but I want you to buy my book which by the way will be available later in 2018.

Most of us with Alpha-gal want NOTHING more than to evangelize simply so that YOU DO NOT GET THIS TOO. But, we have our breaking points like anyone and sometimes just don't want to have to explain how severe our reactions can be. We'd rather not have to prove to our family, friends, co-workers and especially our medical support team through pictures and videos. But, unfortunately, that's often what it takes for somebody to begin to believe that what we are telling them is true and not psychosomatic as I was told for 15 (bleeeeeeeppppppp) years!

If you were diagnosed or suspect you have an allergy to "red meat" (aka. mammal), please give me a call. I can help you make the transition quickly, safely, and with peace of mind. I am happy to help you learn how to become an Alpha-gal detective, advocate for you, your spouse or child and even help you navigate difficult conversation with your physician, pharmacy, or a manufacturer.

My goal is to help you graduate with honors from what I like to call, "Alpha-gal University".

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